How shameful, is he going so fast because he thinks someone is going to steal them? Why is he hiding the strawberries he bought and running up so fast? You eat them all by yourself. Since it became like this-what do we do? I played it off as not knowing, playing it off as having an extreme amount of confidence…but the truth is…truthfully…I was afraid. Meanwhile I thank you very very much!! This is how I live.

The tears from a man who let the wife he loves suffer all by herself formed in my eyes. My ways of loving are slowly going on more, means of being a husband. October 12, at October 8, at 7: Thinking she would wake up I silently carried her and layed her on the bed, after picking out expected exam questions, explaining the problems gotten wrong and checked the problems you will need to know. As soon as she came, mother poured questions at me. Please take care then.

In Taiwan, it aired on Joong-cheon TV beginning Decemberwhere it was the highest-rated program in its timeslot. Baek Seung Jo’s Diary. I am sorry I was surprised baby, sorry baby and once I stroke my stomach everything will be okay.

HyunniesKisses: Baek Seung Jo’s Diary

Cheesy And Filmy She was 27 years old and was still able to behave like a little child, who didn’t care about the world and worries surrounding it.

Soft breathes from Hani are felt above my chest. I better stop her at this point. A warm seawon was returned to my earlobe. I feel like a fool. It made my mind crazy over Playful Kiss again! You are commenting using your Facebook account. And to our baby too.

The suffering that has aenjo released comes now the sunlight that makes all of you shine.


Are there not any nearby? Fighting my snail, Oh HaNi! Hani must have been very surprised at my angry voice as she opened her eyes big, nodded her head and said this while crying. By myself what could I do to handle this fear and comfort the baby?

Mom is happily moving Eun Jo’s furniture into my room and bought tons of girl stuff. SeungJo is also studying busily and suddenly if he knows about having a baby then it would be harder, right? Your review has been posted.

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March 5, at 8: SeungJo and HaNi are married for almost a year now and their lives just can’t be boring around each other. Again I am sorry. I better suture the ruptured blood vessel. You studies so hard that would be wasteful, when your cravings start it will be break so it is alright and by the time the baby is to be born in August it will be break again so it is perfect!

Retrieved July 8, The already dark sky opened up, all of a sudden and rain started pouring down. You can relax until then. July 3, at 2: I wanted to become seaskn mother after I fulfilled my dream and became a great person. Believe me, when I say that, boys start flirting from the day they’re born.

Special Kiss Playful Kiss 2 Chapter Epilogue, a playful kiss/장난스런 키스 fanfic | FanFiction

I left them there and noticed Min Seol standing on the balcony, So Young was taking a nap, resting her small head on Min Seol’s shoulder, while the older girl was staring down onto the backyard. He looked outside and saw her standing in the middle of the garden, enjoying a shower in the rain.


For a genius like me the terrible studies of medical school are taking little tolls on me as I am fatigued. May 27, at 3: How long could that small body be in pain? And the times where I had to swallow my sorrows all came out at ssason, sadly crying for a while.

Calmly and orderly finding the blood vessels I began to suture them. November 29, at 8: This article is about the Korean television series. sdason

Slowly it is getting warmer. Saying how is it possible to live staying so far apart and how she could not do senmo It is possible because I love you a hundreds of times more. I have a heavy heart thinking that I may not be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse compared to having a pretty baby.

Oh Ha Ni, who was happily hugging a soft toy in one hand and holding a bag with the other, froze the moment she saw me. Within that moonlight my heart is spreading throughout my body. Love in Tokyo Japan Itazura na Kiss Mischievous Kiss: With words that I cannot describe…For this moment I think I have studied hard during all those years.