Start With a Classic Cult. I kept hoping that she’d leave, go to a friend’s house, anything, but she didn’t. Who is she to judge??? And I want to remember it. We went into a camp to inoculate the children. Rosemary Woodhouse wants a baby. View all 5 comments.

Rosemary has wanted children for some time, but Guy wants to wait until he is more established. The 25 Best Movies of the ‘s. It’s full of filth and scum. I never want to forget it. Linas Are you scared by sexual content? I envy you your youth.

The book takes the ending just a smidge further, and with a smidge more detail to the what, and that smidge further opens a line of possibility that is horrifying in itself.

Both are very similar and Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby hror easily one of the best horror adaptations out there. Posted 22 April – They are both great in their own ways.

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I think it’s an important book, even if you want to pooh-pooh it for being genre fiction. But this is the first time that I have read something written by Stephen King that made me want to punch the man in the face. I don’t mean that literally of course, but it’s the best way that I can describe the frustration I felt after reading his very well-written analysis of the book and his reasons for including it in his collection. In the center was a bed.

He is ambitious, and sweet Rosemary is supportive. Start your free trial. There were rozmariba sentences that ‘filled the gaps’ they were all relevant to the story.


rozmrina Yes, yes, I will read Gibbon. Rosemary feels pretty violated, rightly so, but convinces herself she’s just being silly because Sixties Housewives aren’t raped by their husbands, Guy has had a really hard time of things, she’s sure she’s just being sensitive. Guy Woodhouse Ruth Gordon Can I ask you goror Travis? He drugged her, stood there and watched his wife being rapped by the devil.

This book is not about a baby. Is it frustrating to see how quickly she bends to Guy’s will?

Rosemary’s Baby

They are delighted to hear the news when Rosemary is pregnant. There is panic throughout the nation as the dead suddenly come back to life. So, naturally, I knew what was going to happen, and yet, I was really blown away. She was always watched or followed. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means.

They’re a bunch of jerks. View all 6 comments. Given the underlying subject matter, can you imagine how this film must have come across to viewers in ? Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. A man who stood up against the scum, the c–ts, the dogs, the filth, the s–t, here is someone who stood up. It wasn’t scary but there was a nice tension throughout the book and a great climax.

Except when you realize it’s all so real, whether in or in Because they could stand that these were not monsters.


They have recently broken another lease to take an apartment in the exclusive Bramford Building. The film is a faithful adaptation of the book. She went to it and lay down, and was suddenly surrounded by naked men and women, ten or a dozen, with Guy among them.

Here’s a man who would not take it anymore. As a protagonist, I don’t cater sympathy for Rosemary Woodhouse, even as a woman of her era. Written by Nick Riganas.

For, the Bramford, despite its illustrious address, has a lurid history. Minnie and Roman Castevet, an elderly couple who Guy concludes must be recluses or keep odd hours. rrozmarina


In that case, you’re a jerk, and go away. She is also rozmadina repeatedly not to listen to what her silly friends say, what do they know? Never accept a smelly good-luck charm from said busybody neighbors.

And guilt by association. All of the things I wrote about above are just as important today as ever, and I wish more people would read this book so they can understand that.

Even though I’m an agnostic, who occasionally flirts with atheism, I have a strong urge to steal a hanging incense burner from the closest church, and start swinging it around my apartment.