But dang the dude is just too hard to resist, especially after watching him in all those videos I scoured the internet to find. Its the fault of SJ. Playful Kiss was by far the most endearing…and thanks to your blog Dramabeans too! I may not post a lot but I visit your playground everyday from the day I discovered it. He went to find Ha Ni but could only bring himself to say, ” Live Well”. What did I miss while I was out doing gah! I should have said MORE non-plastic surgery’d, non-anorexic looking actresses in lead roles to root for.

Thanks u so much for recaping PK and epi 7 youtube. These two take jumping-the-gun to a whole new level. And I seriously wish that one of these days, Asian dramas will grant us a story where the Duckie of dramaland gets the girl. Thanks, JB, for the wonderful recap and insight. A whole webisode dedicated to BSJ. I understand entirely how you feel! I have never said I will be part of the ear hair trimming activity.

Naughty kiss yt special edition

Your turn to serve. If you look at her when she comes in with EJ and SJ is looking at the camera They keep shoving food at Ha Ni, telling her she needs to keep eating for the baby. And for some strange reason there are a lot of them around — is this the fashion trend for the season?

For the love of Jane Austen September 23, at 1: She and the mother peeped into the room while Eun Jo was sitting silently and the girl was fiddling with the pieces.


The upload view is at 8. Actually I am Korean edicted nd specially Kim hyun Joong is ma fav nd his attitude is really osm so according to this the special episode of Yt r great which epizode his different view.

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Their scenes together are heartwarming and one of my favorite plot-lines in this drama. Looking forward to ep.

I think pplayful was one with Lee Seung Ki and the other girl, but I’m not sure if he piggybacked the main girl. Maybe I might be olayful things but does anyone think that SJ’s mom looks pregnant? Ha Ni stumbles at bit to come up with romantic birthday gestures a birthday boat would be beyond romantic but clearly no one is listening to me on this issueand all she can think of was that Seung Jo chauffeured her around last year.

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I stayed still, not answering his provocation. Devi September 23, at 7: Thanks to Ockoala and everyone who commented these past few months. When they reached the training camp, the guy told Ha Ni that she didn’t have to train — she was in charge of cooking. D Someone asked Seung Jo why he didn’t compliment Ha Ni, but he couldn’t bring himself to do since he would be like complimenting himself, so he asked Ha Ni to go out for practice.

She adds under her breath that she hates stupid guys, which are the same words Seung-jo used to describe Ha-ni. Playyful September 24, at 9: Ha Ni rationalised with herself that she just wanted to get fresh air and she’s not following them at all.


It ends with a kiss, guys. Worst episode ending ever! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Everyone failed terribly as the guy below hit all sorts of ridiculous balls.

For me, I guess it bothers me how they always didn’t need to clean up after their mess even though it’s entirely their fault.

Blame it on the pregnant lady — she caused whatever plans that BSJ may rrcap hatched up to be aborted and all forms of vehicular transportation to be parked Mini Cooperanchored boatgrounded plane — for those clamoring for a steamy scene to whiz through a 10min webisode at the speed of light.

Great to see KHJ improve so much.

Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 Recap

I love that idea of the hair reflecting platful character; will seungjo have a tight grandma perm by the end of the drama? Back to this ep I was taking an off chance that the boating was in the music video.

November 16, at 5: November 15, at 9: