Soy yo, Dean Winchester Subtitulado. Guy Fieri looks back at some of Triple-D’s greatest hits: In this porktastic one-hour special, Guy is hitting up all-things swine and dine. Guy Fieri is circling the globe starting in Salt Lake City where a Vietnamese sandwich shop has exploded with six — count ’em — SIX locations around town. And in Honolulu, Hawaii, a local favorite where the chef is putting a fresh spin on a Hawaiian fish classic called poke. In Oxnard, California, the jack of all trades joint is baking, brewing, and cooking all in the same restaurant and servin’ up some creative burgers like lamb burger with red pepper relish.

Special 81 Triple D Nation: El Encantador de Perros. In Austin, Texas, the gourmet sandwich shop slicin’ up duck pastrami and a knuckle sandwich. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a nationally-acclaimed bar known for its eclectic mix of polka and pierogies. Special 79 Triple D Nation: There’s hearty helpings of all kinds of meaty goodness and scratch-made sensations, so get ready to pile up your plate and feel right at home! In Santa Barbara, California, the authentic British fish ‘n chips joint known for keepin’ it real – from the haggis to the toad in the hole. Bandas criminales del mundo.

La Inquilina de Wildfell Hall. In New Orleans, Louisiana, a corner restaurant and bar where the local seafood sandwich is so large they call it Pepitp Barge. Ice cream and apple pie top off this sunny showcase.

You won’t be asking “where’s the beef? Ribs in the Bronx, a seriies scramble with salmon hash in Washington state, and pinto beans fried in fatback in South Carolina.

Guy Fieri throws a family reunion in Nags Head, N. Triple D, and she’s blowin’ his mind with her new fried food. Guy Fieri heads all over the country as we revisit some his favorites from the road: In Houston, Texas, an old gas station serving up authentic Greek specialties including moussaka, gyros and honey-drenched donut holes called loukoumades; In Miami Beach, a Haitian restaurant doing a classic marinated pork and a one-of-a kind watercress sauce – all from scratch; And in Portland, Oregon, a walk-up or dine-in place where they’re making all kinds of Asian, from Thai marinated boar to Vietnamese chicken wings.


In Cincinnati, Ohio, a burger joint topping them with scratch made burgundy mushroom and mango curry sauces.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, ’cause serjes this one-hour special, Guy’s rustling up the best of breakfast.

And in Charleston, South Carolina, southern heritage meets culinary creativity at this mom and pop joint, with favorites like deep fried pork chops with sweet and spicy pepper jelly. In Norwalk, CTa small place making authentic Venezuelan fast food; In Minneapolis, a Lebanese restaurant serving all of Moms favorites like lamb tongue; And in Chicago, a pizza joint famous for its thin crust pies. This trip, Guy Fieri is cruisin’ the country and fillin’ up on all-American all-stars.

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, when Guy Fieri stops by to taste a couple of new eats they’ve added. And on DDD, he’s tasted all kinds of authentic varieties derived from all over the boot.

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Sexo en Nueva York. And don’t forget dessert: From the garlic chicken at Opal Thai Food to stuffed Native American-style tacos at Tocabe, there’s all kinds of unique spins on a farm favorite. Special 5 Guy’s Family Reunion T Special 29 Pork Hall of Fame T La Reina del Sur. Special 83 Triple D Nation: Of course there’s killer ‘cue cooking up in Texas, Memphis, and North Carolina El Chavo del Ocho. Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth on these decadent dishes!

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This trip, Guy Fieri’s grabbing all kinds serise pub grub. From a taste of the Rocky Mountains to southwestern specialties, he’s takin’ in the flavor of the region at all kinds of righteous joints. This trip, Guy’s travelin’ the world of feel good food.


In this one-hour special, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll join in on all the jokes with never-before-seen footage!

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From triple decker duck at Tattooed Moose to top notch pub grub at Tampa Bay Brewing Company to hour spots from coast to coast, one thing all these late night haunts have in common is great food srries all hours. This trip, Guy Fieri’s traveling the nation for a real-deal taste of home. Plus, plenty of the unexpected, like sushi in Mexico, Pakistani in 5×0 and Singapore specialties in California. In Tampa Bay, Florida, authentic Mexican street food for the lunch crowd is served out of bus, crankin’ out favorites like butternut squash tostadas.

Special 30 Food Truckapalooza T Guy Fieri checks out some viewer favorites. Guy has visited lots of killer joints in New York and we’ve rounded up some of the best bites in the Big Apple. Special 39 Ultimate Turkey Fest T In Denver, a Native American joint turning folks on to grilled, braised seriss ribs topped with blueberry sauce.

Plus, local dives in Minneapolis and Portland, Ore. In Bradenton, Florida, a Cuban place where the classic holiday roast comes stuffed rtue chorizo. Plus, there’s a peanut butter burger in Indiana and a mac attack near Boston, so get ready to go old school at these A-plus local landmarks!

From classic burgers and dogs to smoking barbecue and beachy seafood. This trip, Guy’s goin’ for the meat in the middle.