The Arrival — Chapter 3. Cr psule Monsters 2. American Dad, Season Hey, figured I’d chime in about this. Jaden must face Amnael, the seventh Shadow Rider, in a match that will decide not only his fate but the fa te of all his friends! If not, please point me to this person’s account. Most of them are labelled GX episode no. O Mokuba, Where Art Thou?

A New Evil Awises. I recently looked at GymLeaderLance99’s Dailymotion account and noticed that up till now he has not uploaded any subbed episodes past episode All files are hosted on MEGA. Classic, Season 5, Vol. GX Season 3 subbed episodes coming to Dailymotion! How do you make an abridged series? The Arrival — Chapter 1.

Split and merge into it. Crowler in a duel to win his consent!

A Tale Of Two Tournies. And its not just him, more subbed episodes of the show have been uploaded on Dailymotion at around the same time antoine started uploaded May Most of them are labelled GX episode no. Kaiba Promotes Kami-Con Season 4. Because that definitely sounds like the bootlegs to me. Last week, he uploaded episodemeaning that he is finishing up Season 2! Defenders of Berk, Season abridgrd. Bonds Beyond Time Abridged.

I would love to see slightly less horrible subs. Last edited by Ebilkittyprincess28; at Could those be the wonky subs that people were complaining about? No new episodes since January Who Makes the Abridged Series?


The Death Of Tristan Taylor. The Abridged Series Tags: Viewers Also Bought See All. Neko Porno — for shadowwolf. Jaden continues to battle in the duel of his life to save his friends and the chance to make it back to his world. Turn Around, Bright Eyes. I really hope he gets back to uploading new subs soon. I’m asking because alot of the uploads of Duel Monsters by that user have rather wonky subbing and I’ve noticed users complaining in the comments of nearly every video about that.

Looking for the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 3 episodes? – Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series

Find all posts by FluffyPillow. Chazz a rranges a duel with Alexis so that he can prove his love to her, but Alexis has other ideas. Choose a video to embed. Questions and Feedback Yu-Gi-Oh: Jaden must duel Tania to snap Bastion out of a lovestruck stupor and keep the Shadow Riders from winning serise Spirit Key!

We Interrupt This Broadcast. Jaden continues his duel against the Shadow Rider known as Nightshroud, who has extra mysteries of his own! Official fansite of YGO: The Naruto Yubioh series is a comical parody of the original Naruto Series. The Arrival — Chapter 1. Duel of the Dead. Youmacon — Oct 29th to Nov 1st. Find all posts by sephydark.


Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Season 1, Vol. 2

Defenders of Berk, Season 1. Thanks for letting people know about my Dailymotion. Do they always say “I fold” or something along those lines when someone places a card face-down?

Anyway, here is the exact location of the guides for the Season 3 episodes: White-Eyes Green Dragon when Kaiba’s actually saying “Blue eyes white dragon” is an example But imho video quality matters more than sub quality in the long run since what good is having perfect subbing when the video quality is crappy?

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Now available for your direct-downloading pleasure… the Yu-Gi-Oh! When Chumley is accepted into Industrial Illusions’s card design program, he must beat Dr. LittleKuriboh — Duel Monsters Vines Cr psule Monsters 3. In The Legend of Zelda.

Just go to yugiohtheabridgeseries. Beyond The Fourth Wall. A Brand New Abridged Series! Or is it Manifest? GX in its original, unedited form with voice acting superior to that of the English dub. The Abridged Series Contact. It’s fun to watch.